Konzelmann Estate Winery

"At Konzelmann Estate Winery we are always looking for the most natural way to manage vineyard pests and nutritional needs.  We learned about Nurture Growth products midway through the growing season and immediately started using their product.  After just a couple of applications, the colour of the treated vines was noticeably richer and a darker green than the leaves of the untreated vines.  We will continue using Nurture Growth to increase the vitality of our vineyards."

VP Operations

Serge Papineau

Jim Reschke

Terra Estate Winery

"After applying the product in late August, we noticed the vines that were dying were growing new shoots.  The new leaves were stronger and did not crumble like the older leaves.

In the spring, we noticed that clusters formed earlier in the area that was sprayed in the fall.  We decided to implement Nurture Growth as part of our fertilizing program.  Nurture Growth is a good product because it makes the vines and leaves stronger."

Head Winemaker

Riccardo Cesca

Riccardo Cesca

Trends Aquafresh Organics

"We started using Nurture Growth in the fall of 2017 on our organic herbs and vegetables. In the beginning we had to learn how to use it, dosing etc. We use it mostly as a foliar feed and found that it also helps against some fungal diseases. I am quite happy with the product and would recommend other growers to try it out for themselves."


Ton Boekestyn

Ton Boekestyn

De Simone Vineyards

"Coming soon."

Head Wine Maker & Vineyard Manager

Serge Papineau

Vincenzo De Simone

Hidden Bench Estate Winery

"We noticed a reduction in leaf hoppers after using Nurture Growth so we partially implemented it as part of our fertilizer program in 2019.  If the product continues to do well, we will fully implement it in 2020."

Vineyard Manager

Joel Wiliams

Joel Williams

bajar greenhouse.jpg

Antonio Bajar Greenhouses

"My experience with Nurture Growth in the past two months are positive. The begonias and cactus plants are green and are more healthy. The result on tomatoes have been very positive and the quality has been very good, the plants are greener, and are stronger. You can believe me."


Tony Bajar

Tony Bajar

Legends Estate Winery

"Some benefits we saw were increase in brick levels, acids level increase, but the number one thing that I like, which is what we prefer in this industry, is that it deterred the bugs and insects that bother our plants.  This resulted in no insecticides being used while using this product so that’s a big thumbs up with vineyards, quality and being bio dynamic.

Legends Estate Winery highly recommends Nurture Growth and will continue using it."


Serge Papineau

Serge Paipineau

Paradise Fields

"The everbearing strawberries are fruiting very nice and are the biggest berries I have ever grown.  They are beautiful and have done so well. They have just exploded since I have used your product.  We had berries before I sprayed them but they didn’t have complex flavours or sweetness. The everbearing strawberries are not supposed to taste good the first year but the plants are healthy, vital and the berries are sweet.   After the strawberries were sprayed, they were fruiting like crazy. There is no doubt this was a result of Nurture Growth because we didn’t do anything different except use your product."

Head Farmer

Brian Tammy

Brian Tammy

Grange of Prince Edward County


Co-owner & Winemaker

Maggie Granger

Maggie Granger

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