Some benefits we saw were increase in brick levels, acids level increase, but the number one thing that I like, which is what we prefer in this industry, is that it deterred a lot of the bugs and insects that bother our plants.  This results in no insecticides being used while using this product so that’s a big thumbs up with vineyards and quality and being bio dynamic.  So Legends Estate Winery highly recommends Nurture Growth and will continue using it.

Serge Papineau, Winemaker (Legends Estate Winery)

Beamsville, ON

I am now a lifetime consumer of the Nurture Growth Fertilizer. Last season I purchased this fertilizer as a replacement for my chemical based products. This organic, environmentally friendly fertilizer has helped my gardens look healthier and bloom much larger and longer than any other product out there. It is helping me minimize my eco footprint and I have never been happier. I recommend this product to any person or persons who would like their property to look as beautiful as mine. Thank you so much Nurture Growth for such an amazing

product, I look forward to seeing what this years bloom and harvest will look like.

Kevin Billingham (Recreational Gardener)

Mississauga, ON

My experience with Nurture Growth in the past two months are positive. The begonias and cactus plants are green and are more healthy. The result on tomatoes have been very positive and the quality has been very good, the plants are greener, and are stronger. You can believe me.

Tony Bajar, Owner (Antonio Bajar Greenhouse)

Newmarket, ON

We started using Nurture Growth in the fall of 2017 on our organic herbs and vegetables. In the beginning we had to learn how to use it, dosing etc. We use it mostly as a foliar feed and found that it also helps against some fungal diseases. I am quite happy with the product and would recommend other growers to try it out for themselves.

Ton Boekestyn, Onwer (Trend AquaFresh)

Niagara-On-The-Lake, ON

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