"I feel compelled to thank the people of Nurture Growth for their excellent product. I am a Cancer survivor left with a very painful condition called peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet as a result of the Chemo. CBD is the only product that helps my pain. Due to its high cost through licensed suppliers, I acquired a license to grow my own.

I didn't likethat I had to use 6 different types of Fertilizers/Nutrients which also cost a bundle. I was determined to find one that could do the job of all. This is where Nurture Growth excels. My first crop using it is literally dripping with flowers and terpenes. I couldn't be more thrilled with my results. I now have what I'd call an award winning crop of CBD! Thanks Nurture Growth!"

Pat S.

Cancer Survivor - Medical Cannabis Grower for Personal Use

I  applied Nurture Growth on my sunflower garden and see a visible difference with the height of the plant. The right side of the garden was applied with Nurture  Growth and is much taller than the left side which was not applied."

Tammy S.


"I am now a lifetime consumer of the Nurture Growth Fertilizer. Last season I purchased this fertilizer as a replacement for my chemical based products. This organic, environmentally friendly fertilizer has helped my gardens look healthier and bloom much larger and longer than any other product out there. It is helping me minimize my eco footprint and I have never been happier. I recommend this product to any person or persons who would like their property to look as beautiful as mine. Thank you so much Nurture Growth for such an amazing product."

Kevin B.

Recreational Gardener

"Pho Vistro caters to patrons who care about quality ingredients and great food.   Therefore, we source quality ingredients and grow our own chili peppers on the roof of our restaurants.  We applied Nurture Growth to our chili pepper plants and it continues to grow abundantly.   We will continue to use Nurture Growth on our chili pepper plants.

David N.

Restaurant Owner

My friend gave me a bottle of Nurture Growth to try  on the patch of my lawn that was dying because there was heavy traffic from people taking a shortcut to the main road.  After applying it for the season, that area grew back and withheld the heavy traffic.  I really like this product and will use it on the rest of my lawn.

Deb N.


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