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What's Bio-Fertilizer?

A bio fertilizer is a substance which contains living microorganisms which, when applied to seeds, plant surfaces, or soil, colonize the rhizosphere or the interior of the plant and promotes growth by increasing the supply or availability of primary nutrients(such as Nitrogen and Phosphorus) to the host plant.

What's the difference between organic and bio-organic?

Bio-organic fertilizer contains a variety of beneficial microorganisms inside, but all microorganisms in organic fertilizer after high temperature treatment substantially are killed, which is difficult to provide beneficial soil microbes. Organic fertilizer by drying, deodorizing effect of organic fertilizer is not ideal because of drying treatment. Once organic fertilizer is damp, stench is issued. Bio-organic fertilizer fundamentally eliminates the odor, because it can turn uric acid into the urine bacterial protein. Nurture Growth contains only food waste and green waste whereas organic fertilizers will typically have animal waste as well.

Is Nurture Growth certified for use on organic crops?

Yes, Nurture Growth is OMRI certified in both Canada and the USA. Please click HERE for certificates.

How should I store Nurture Growth?

Nurture Growth contains living microorganisms, therefore to maximize its life:

  • Keep airtight
  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Store at room temperature

Does Nurture Growth expire?

Nurture Growth has a shelf life of 3 years.

Where are the ingredients sourced?

We source food waste from local restaurants, hotels and supermarkets.

Where is Nurture Growth manufactured?

Nurture Growth is manufactured in Mississauga, Canada. Everything from our product to our bottles are sourced within Canada.

Is Nurture Growth compatible with other organic and/or chemical fertilizers?

Yes, it is compatible with other fertilizers, micronutrients and pesticides.




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