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How to Grow Organic Cannabis Indoors at Home

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Since the dawn of legalization, Canadians have been showing more and more interest in growing cannabis at home. The benefit of growing at home as opposed to purchasing flower from a dispensary is that you actually know exactly what is going into or onto your plant, and you end up spending less money in the long run.

On top of being cheaper,

organically grown cannabis will spare your body from the harmful chemicals typically used on commercially grown cannabis.

There will be no pesticides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers or synthetic nutrient supplements used on your own organic crop. If you’re growing for medicinal purposes, you should consider growing organically to remove the chance of ingesting chemicals that could be in your medication.

Here we will provide a beginner’s breakdown on the 4 things you will need to start growing organic cannabis indoors:

1. Space

Space seems like an obvious consideration, but the quality of your space will have a significant impact on your growing experience. Assuming that you will be growing in your own home, you will need to allocate one room or area in your house as the grow site. This should be a rather inconspicuous area as you want to be able to control who can access or see the space.

Closets, a basement, or an attic all provide an out-of-the-way space for a grow site and should offer plenty of room to let your plants grow. It would be worth considering a grow tent for your space. A grow tent will come fully equipped with lighting, ventilation, nutrient and water supply AND will likely fit in your closet. The cheaper grow tents will cost between $50 and $100, but the accessories will increase that bill to around $250.

2. Lighting