of food produced in Canada is wasted!


Million Metric Tonnes

of food produced is wasted!

To fight climate change and reduce our carbon footprint, Nurture Growth Bio rescues food waste and uses innovative science and the power of microorganisms to transform it into safe, 100% organic fertilizer that gives back to the earth.


Nurture Growth Bio is a circular economy project created by a group of passionate scientists and entrepreneurs who share a common goal: to fight climate change and reduce our carbon footprint.  Our solution, we rescue food waste and use innovative science, with a little help from Mother Nature and microorganisms, to transform it into safe, earth-friendly fertilizers that give back to the soil and add vitality to your garden.  






150 mL
All-purpose Certified Organic Fertilizer
1 L
All-purpose Certified Organic Fertilizer
4 L
All-purpose Certified Organic Fertilizer
200 L
Commercial Certified Organic Fertilizer
1000 L
Commercial Certified Organic Fertilizer
Nurture Growth All-purpose Certified Organic Fertilizer, 150 mL, 1L and 4 L sizes, are available for purchase at retailers throughout Canada and the USA, at our head office in Mississauga and online. Contact us to learn about the option nearest you.
Nurture Growth Commercial Certified Organic Fertilizer, 200 L and 1000 L containers, are available for purchase to commercial growers.  Contact us to learn about the option nearest you.


What our customers are saying...

Frank Salaj

Home Gardener

"I have been using Nurture Growth for four years on my flower and vegetable garden and love this product!  My tomatoes vines and zucchini grew so many  after using it that I was giving them away to my neighbours.  The fertilizer also made my rose bushes grow more flowers than in previous years.  I love this product!"

Brian Tammy

Head Farmer

"The everbearing strawberries are fruiting very nice and are the biggest berries I have ever grown.  They are beautiful and have done so well. They have just exploded since I have used your product.  We had berries before I sprayed them but they didn’t have complex flavours or sweetness. The everbearing strawberries are not supposed to taste good the first year but the plants are healthy, vital and the berries are sweet.   After the strawberries were sprayed, they were fruiting like crazy. There is no doubt this was a result of Nurture Growth because we didn’t do anything different except use your product."

Jim Reschke

VP Operations

"At Konzelmann Estate Winery we are always looking for the most natural way to manage vineyard pests and nutritional needs.  We learned about Nurture Growth products midway through the growing season and immediately started using their product.  After just a couple of applications, the colour of the treated vines was noticeably richer and a darker green than the leaves of the untreated vines.  We will continue using Nurture Growth to increase the vitality of our vineyards."

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