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14 Best Fruit-Bearing Trees to Grow in Your Backyard

Hand reaching into an apple tree
Photo: FreshSplash / E+ / Getty Images

Delicious fruit trees to grow and enjoy right at home.

Why drive to the grocery store when you can grab a few fresh, homegrown fruits right from your backyard? Though it requires a bit of patience, having an edible garden at home is great for those looking to live more sustainably (and boost their curb appeal).

Contrary to popular belief, many fruit trees are fairly easy to grow, even in small spaces. The key is to make sure they’re in ideal growing conditions—in their optimal plant hardiness zone with enough sunlight, water, and soil nutrients.

Whether you start from a tiny seedling or a partially grown version from a plant nursery, rest assured that the fruit it bears will be worth the wait.

Here are 14 of the best fruit-bearing trees and how to care for them at home:

1. Apricot Tree

Bundle of apricots in a tree with care instructions
Photo: Zoya2222 / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

A cousin of cherry and plum trees, apricot trees bloom fragrant, white flowers that make an attractive addition to your home. These trees flower in mid-to-late April and produce this tasty fruit in early- to mid-July.

Apricot trees are very delicate, so it’s important they grow in the rig