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3 Easy Steps to Prep Your Outdoor Garden for Spring

Although Spring started a month ago, the warm weather is starting to welcome us outside and into our gardens!

Here are 3 easy steps you should follow to get your outdoor garden ready for the (late) Spring.

#1: Get your tools and supplies ready

Garden tools laid out on the bench

Work smarter, not harder! Working with dull tools could make your gardening a strain on your body. Sharpening your tools (or getting new ones!) will make it easier to work through the soil. In addition, make sure you have enough fertilizer and soil ready on hand so you can garden when the perfect weather permits.

#2: Clear out weeds and debris

Hands pulling out weeds from the garden

Your garden beds deserve a Spring cleaning too! Perform a quick sweep across your garden and remove any dead organic matter to expose the bare soil. And don’t forget about the weeds! To make sure they don’t grow with your garden, dig the weeds up from the roots to prevent them from growing back.

#3: Prepare the soil