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The Best Garden Activities to Burn Calories

We love gardening, and we love food. Gardening can provide us with food, but it can also allow us to burn the calories that we consume from the snack cupboard. Rarely is there an activity we enjoy, and it is beneficial to our health, so let’s celebrate by exploring the number of calories you can burn while gardening.

Cleaning the patio

If you are looking for a gentle calorie burn, you can begin with cleaning the patio. Brushing and washing down the patio can burn up to 150 calories in an hour, which is a decent starting point.

Planting and weeding

Before we get into the big hitters, we will start with activities we love most in the garden. The touches we put into our garden offer those finishing flourishes and offer us the most enjoyment. Planting your flowers and shrubs and keeping your beds and borders free of weeds can burn